Friday, April 13, 2012

23 Before 24

Today is the day, my 23rd birthday! I feel so old, but I'm so excited to spend my special day celebrating with awesome people!

I've seen this done on several blogs (specifically here and here) and I decided I wanted to give it a go. It's a list of 23 things I want to do before I turn 24 and what better way to display it than on my 23 birthday. It is kind of like a bucket list but with things I can do in a year. I feel like this will get my motivated to actually enjoy life instead of just sitting around and letting the days pass by. I will continue marking off things I have done during the next year here.

1. Watch some of the London Olympics
2. Get a stamp in my passport
3. Visit a history museum
4. Make homemade Indian food
5. Complete my New Years Resolution of reading 20 books
6. Hand make cards and send them to friends
7. Make something I found on Pinterest
8. Go camping
9. Buy a bike (and ride it!)
10. Consolidate my bank accounts and have at least $1000 in my savings account
11. Find a church
12. Learn more about tea
13. Get an adult job!!!
14. Walk (or exercise) more
15. Learn to sew
17. Have a Leonardo DiCaprio movie watching day
18. Build a fort out of blankets
19. Wash my car
20. Spend more time at parks
21. Learn to walk in heels
22. Go on an impromptu weekend trip
23. Go stargazing (especially December 21)

I have the link for this post in the bar above. I will cross out and update the page as I complete my list.


  1. This is a GREAT idea! Your list looks so fun!! Let me know if you need any help : )

  2. you could fly to me #22, we'll make indian food #4 build a blanket fort #18 while watching leo movies #17 and crafting #6 & 7, walk around our bagillion parks here #14 & 20(in heels #21) and end it at the Boeing Museum of Flight #3- so pretty much no excuse not to visit as you now see :)
    Happy birthday lovevly

    1. That is the best idea ever! I'm starting a Seattle fund... now!


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