Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paint Chip Art

This is a pretty simple and cute DIY piece. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest months ago and had wanted to make it, but I kind of forgot about it until I saw that my friend Mollie had made it. She even bought this craft punch to do it, which I ended up buying as well because I have other ideas to use the craft punch for and it saved me loads of time!

What you need: 
  • Frame - I bought two at Ikea for $9.99 each
  • Glue - I used rubber cement but you can use whatever adhesive you want, but I would suggest something that does not cause paper to wrinkle
  • Lots of paint chip samples
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or craft punch
After cutting out the paint chips I used the mat board to trace the size of the area I would use. I then brushed some glue on and lined up the first paint chip on it halfway through the pencil line. I then repeated all the way through lining up the paint chips next to each other.
I didn't have any pattern in mind. I just picked up random paint chips as I went. I did have them organized in piles, but that was only to make it easier for me to see which colors I didn't use. 

Once I reached the bottom I was done! Remember to check too make sure nothing is inside the frame because yesterday when I made the first one I found a ton of specks in it and had to keep removing the picture. Now I just have to find a nice place to hang the one on the right!

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