Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun Filled Saturday

Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable days I had in a while. I spent the entire day with my friend, Haley! We quite literally spent the whole day together from about 7:45 am-11 pm! But we got a lot packed into our Saturday.

We started off our Saturday by dropping her boyfriend off at work in Sharonville. We were planning on going to Ikea but since it didn't open until 10 we spent some time walking around Sharon Woods. I have a friend that lives next to the park but I had never been there. It was so pretty! I definitely want to go back and spend more time there. Since we were there at 8 in the morning it was super cold. We walked about a mile and then decided to leave because the cold was too much!

Haley floating on water!

We then decided we were both pretty hungry so we went to Bob Evans for breakfast. We finished eating at 10 just in time for Ikea to open so we headed over and tried not to spend too much money! Some pictures below are from the trip and what I purchased!
I love succulents!
I bought two of these frames for only $9.99 each!

We got through Ikea faster than we both thought we would so we went to Valley Thrift to kill more time before we had to pick up her boyfriend. Neither of us bought anything, but I did find this awesome Marauder's Map banner.

Well we still had a LOT of time left so we went back to Sharon Woods and walked about another two miles. I really love walking about I never want to convince myself to walk in winter. When I didn't have a car it was great because I was forced to walk places. This winter I don't walk anywhere because I have a car and I'm no longer in school. I feel myself getting fat so being able to walk through the park was refreshing.

After we decided we were done walking around the park we went over to Gabriel Brothers. I've been wanting to go here when I realized that there was one in Cincinnati because I really need running shoes. I don't run at all, but I wanted good sturdy shoes to walk in since I had finally warn out my pair of shoes that I had since about 8th grade!

Afterwards we ran out of ideas of what to do in Sharonville so we waited in the parking lot for her boyfriend to get off work. When he finally got off it was about 4, so Haley, her boyfriend, Ben, my friend, and I went to El Rancho Grande for lunch/dinner.

Then we headed back to Cincinnati. Once we go to Haley's house we decided to go to Home Depot to get supplies for crafts! We then went back to her house and crafted and watched Harry Potter. I made the paint chip art below. I'll blog about how to make it in another post.

At point point in the evening popcorn was being made but the microwave vent was blocked so the popcorn completely burnt filling the apartment with smoke. It was pretty funny I thought but then I realized once I got home my hair and clothes smelled like burnt popcorn!

I can't wait for spring! I'm having an extreme case of cabin fever!

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