Monday, March 26, 2012

Job Interview

I realized that the last 5 of 6 posts were about food. I promise this one is not about food!

I only have a day before my first adult job interview. Am I nervous? I'm more nervous about missing my flight than the actual interview. Although I will probably be super nervous the day of the interview. My flight leaves at 6:55 from the Dayton Airport which means I am planning on waking up at 4 in order to get dressed and be at the airport by 5:30/45. I guess another thing I'm nervous about is getting stuck in security. These are the things I worry about. I'm so weird.

My interview is in Charlotte, NC. I'm guessing that if I get the job I will be moved to Charlotte. No complaints. I'm actually excited to leave Cincinnati and start fresh. Plus, I'm completely looking forward to living by myself. Not that I don't pretty much live by myself now, but it will be nice to do whatever I want whenever I want and keep a nice clean apartment. :)

I spent last night studying up on possible interview questions and looking up information on US Airways. I've been through interviews before but not for something as important as this one. Not to mention I actually had to buy a suit. This was a complete nightmare. For one I couldn't find ANYONE to go with me. Second, I went to H&M because they had cheap suits, but none that went together so it was impossible to find a matching skirt and blazer. However, I finally settled on an outfit. The blazer is shinier than the skirt, but it's much better than the one I had before. My outfit:

What do you think? I'll try to get a picture of me wearing it, but I can't make any promises. Still not sure how I'm going to do my hair either. If it's humid than I can't wear it down because my hair poofs out in the slightest of humidity. We'll see though. By the way, I also had to buy those heels because I don't own heels and they were SUPER cheap at Payless, not to mention super comfortable. Hate on Payless all you want but with the amount I spent on the reset of the outfit I was not going to spend much on shoes.

Anyway, wish me luck! I'll definitely need it!


  1. This looks cute. I like the skirt! I may have to go get one now that it is warmer outside. You are going to do great in your interview!!

  2. I saw on Facebook you have an interview! I can't WAIT to hear how it went! I love that blazer- it's a way better "statement" than the typical suit thing while still being very profesh. I'm so excited for you!!! I'll be thinking of you today and wishing you the best :)


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