Monday, November 14, 2011

What My Students Think About Me

Sorry, once again for the long absence. Our internet was shut off on Wednesday, but it's up and running now. I don't have much to update except this activity we did in advisory.

We are starting our student-led advisories where the students run the activities instead of the teachers. As an example of what the students are going to have to do, like write lesson plans we participated in the following activity. We all got into a circle and we had to take out of piece of paper and write our names on the top. Then we passed the paper around and everyone had to write one nice thing about the person whose paper they had. It was actually a lot of fun and so cute. Then today we came back together and everyone had to say their favorite message and the person who wrote it had to raise their hand. Four of my students read the message I wrote to them. I felt so special. :) I wrote my full name on my paper and a lot of my students were like, "Who is Jasilyn Albert?" I was like, "I should have put miss." Also, a lot of my students wrote something about my MT's hair on his paper. It was kind of hilarious. He has long hair if you were wondering.

Here's what my advisory students said about me (in order they appear on the paper):
1. a cool person to be around
2. Understanding and loving
3. Shes a student
4. helps me with my work
5. Is very nice
6. She nice cause im her favorite student :)
7. teach and help other
8. she understanding and is real helpful
9. my favorite teacher
10. Absolutely one of my favorite teachers, & is on a more personal level with me because we talk about more than just history.
11. She is nice & and even if you did something mean to her she's still nice
12. A nice teacher and doesn't care if you've got in trouble she's still nice to you
13. Great Assistant Teacher (:

I tried to keep the writing as it appeared on the paper. We didn't get all the way around the circle, but this is what a small portion think about me.

The new trailer for The Hunger Games is out! I seriously cannot wait for this movie! If you haven't read the series you NEED to before March 2012! Just saying!

Ever since fall hit I've been searching for pumpkin spice creamer like it was my job. Naturally, Kroger would put it out AFTER Halloween. They have a ton of it now too. I had to stock up though. If I was a millionaire I probably could have bought out the entire store. Just saying! :)

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