Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super Students

Sorry I have been awful at posting blogs lately, but my life has been pretty boring for the most part, especially at the school. I still love it, but not much worth blogging has happened.

So, yesterday one of my students was walking around with the most old school calculator ever! It looked like the picture here but it had the fake wood on it. It was hilarious. He was pretending it was a cell phone, but it was even huge for a cell phone. I don't even know where he found it, but my MT and I were so amazed and interested in it!

So, you know Diante? The one who kept asking me to homecoming? Well, a lot of the students had their schedules changed and he was one of them. He is now in the same class as his girlfriend, we'll call her Amanda. So, on Monday Amanda comes up to me and says, "Miss Albert! Look what my boyfriend got me!" He bought her a bracelet and necklace. I said, "I like to see that he isn't a cheap boyfriend. Where did he buy it" She said Forever 21 and I told her I loved that store and she should tell him to buy me something there.
Then yesterday he was working on his project and calls me over. He asked me if I thought he was a good boyfriend because he was trying to be. I told him I thought he was, but if he hurt her in any way I would find him. I love Amanda. She's so adorable and nice. Then he goes, "Can you do me a favor?" I told him, hesitantly, that I would. He goes, "Can you tell her I say 'Hi' with a heart and smiley face?" He's such a strange boy.

So it's really funny how observant students are about teachers. Very often they ask me if I have had my lip pierced- I have if you didn't know. Like, yesterday, Amanda and another girl in my advisory started laughing when I walked towards them. I looked at them with a questioning look. Then they say, "It's just funny that your hair blows in the wind." Pretty much I should be a model is what they were saying. Just kidding! Today one of my students says to me "You dress weird. But you always look cute." I'm taking it as a compliment.

Today my MT and I had our 'Super Student' lunch for the students who had a perfect binder and warm up for the first quarter. I posted pictures below. I sat with Diante and one of the students who always compliments my clothes and who also dresses very cute. Diante was HILARIOUS when he was eating. I can't even explain how he was. I wish I had a video or something. I really don't know how he has a girlfriend. Haha. I was telling them that I was leaving after winter break and Diante asks if I can just stay. I told him they wouldn't hire me. He goes, "Will they hire you if we sign a petition? Everyone loves you." I told him that wasn't true that there were actually quite a few students who hated me. He couldn't believe it then he goes, "I'm part of the Miss Albert fan club." I asked him if he was the president and he said he was. Haha.

Finally, guess whose mentor teacher volunteered her to chaperone 6 honor students on our team at the zoo on Friday? This girls. This internship is rough... :)

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  1. Hahahaha so funny! I think I love Diante :) I didn't know you had your lip pierced! Isn't it sad to think that the internship is almost over?


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