Thursday, November 3, 2011

Students' Best Friend

I am a people pleaser, most of the time. I want people to like me. I always thought I wasn't going to be a mean teacher because I get so worried about what people think about me, especially people I have to stand in front of, like my students. I never thought I would become a "mean" teacher, but after being in urban schools I have come to realize you have to be, or actually in any school really, because you don't want your students to walk all over you. I always thought that if you were mean than that meant none of your students would like you. Not true. I am now seeing the benefits of being respected rather than liked.

Yeah, there are students who hate me. Mostly my female students. I have a few that, I believe, are counting down the days until I'm gone (if they know I'm leaving). However, I have students that actually love me. Today three of them came and talked to me after school. They are so precious. They were talking about other teachers, and I was like, "I really don't want to know what you say about me." They kept telling me they don't say anything because they really like me. I have students bring me Halloween candy. Two students I really like were arguing about which one liked me more. It makes me love my job.

The three girls that were talking to me after school were also saying what things we had in common. The one girl and I have almost similar first names. I told her that every time I hear someone say her name in the hall I think they are talking to me. I said that we were soul mates in a way. Then later something came up (I can't remember now) but both her and I had a similar position and another girl said, "You two really are soul mates." The third girl and I have birthdays in April. Mine is the 13 and her's is the 17. She actually remembered me saying something about that. She said we are Aries soul mates! Haha!

Like I always say, I'm not in this job to be liked. I want to be respected. Honestly, some of these students aren't even A or B students. I've had to tell one of the girls to stop talking. I've had to tell another multiple times to wake up. But they respect me enough as their teacher to not take it personally and still come visit me to talk. I don't take their attitudes personally either. If every 10th grader hated me I would be okay with that. As long as they respected me enough to do their work and try their hardest that's what I'm there for.

By the way, going back to the Aries thing. At the Art Academy I walked over to one of the tables and one of the male students says, "Miss Albert, isn't your birthday April 14?" I gave him this crazy look like 'How does he know my birthday?' I responded with a hesitant look, "April 13. How did you know it was around then?" He goes, "Oh! Because you told me when I said my birthday was April 12." We all started laughing and I go, "Oh! Yeah I remember. I was confused because I thought you were stalking me or something." The are funny.

Lastly, today I was walking around the room and I saw the following design written on one of my male student's planner:
Sexy --> A.K.A --> Lil Sam
I just pointed to it and smiled and he started laughing. Some of the things they write down or I see them doing is hilarious.

This is so true! Haha! I always drink my coffee in front of them and in the hallway. Oops.

Also, please pray for my friends Mackenzie and Mallorie. Their grandfather just passed away.

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  1. I just saw this today- thank you so much I really appreciate it! Love you lady!


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