Monday, November 7, 2011

Cold War Comics

Today I was standing in the hallway outside of our door, like I always do to monitor the halls and one of my students comes up to me and goes, "Miss Albert! I made this for you." I told him thank you and that I would put it up behind my desk. Of course, he didn't really make it for me, but I still hung it behind my desk. Not sure what it is... haha.

With the start of a new week the students have new schedules and a new project! The students got new schedules for a couple of reasons, mostly to put the students who need extra help in the same classes. One thing I dislike about this is that I have to look at the class rosters to see what bell a student is in. I can't just have a student come in and ask me what their grade is because I haven't memorized bells and I have to start over. But, it's only the first day so I have time.

Today we started our project on the Cold War. I'm really excited because they are going to make comics! They are using a program called Comic Life. My MT said he was going to give me the password to download the program. I hope he remembers because I will probably spend hours making comics with my pictures and everything. Another excuse to procrastinate. :)

We have our Holocaust survivor, Werner Coppel, coming in tomorrow at 10! I am so excited to actually have someone who lived during then to come in. I never had the opportunity to meet a real life survivor, so this is great! My MT told the students that they would have to pay close attention to what he is saying because he has an accent and it might be difficult to understand. Today I told my MT how I listened to him talk on a video and his accent wasn't as thick as I thought it would. My MT said that the students are "accent impaired." My students are from an urban environment, so my MT said even him and I sound different to them and that is why sometimes they don't understand what we are saying. I never really thought about it, but I can kind of see it. I told him how one of the students asked me why the two guys (who came from similar backgrounds as my students but from Cleveland) had accents. He said that that is exactly what we are faced with.

Anyways, I'll update on Coppel tomorrow. Also, if you are voting tomorrow in Ohio vote NO on issue 2!

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