Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stalkers & Swag

For my practicum last year I always gave my mentor's something nice for allowing me to be in their class. When I left winter I made him a card, record bowl, and a ton of my oatmeal cookies. Another student in the history program has that mentor for his internship and apparently he always talks about my cookies! Haha I think that is totally awesome!

So, today I found out Diante has a girlfriend, but he wouldn't tell me who it was and wouldn't let anyone tell me. As one of my students was walking out she hands me a piece of paper and goes, "Don't open this until we leave." I found out he's dating a student of mine who is also in my advisory, which I think it so adorable. When she came in I go, "So, I hear your dating Diante." She looks at me and goes, "Oh my gosh, Miss Albert! I can't believe you said that." She was so embarrassed but also laughing at the same time.

However, Diante is still his old self today during class. As I was helping him with his project this happened:
Diante: You in a relationship?
Me: You already asked me that.
Diante: I did? What did you say?
Me: No.
Diante: What are you doing this weekend? I might be free. I have to do a little homework though.
Diante: What are you doing for Valentine's day? I might be single by then?
Me: 15 year olds aren't my type.
Diante: I can change that. Age is just a number like the pages in this book.
Me: Ha. Not exactly.
He is such a ladies man I can already tell.

So because I'm short and always wear ballet flats the students never know when I stand behind them. It's so funny when they jump because they realize I'm behind them.
Samantha: [Donnell] said you were good at sneaking up on people
Donnell: Miss Albert, you'd be a phenomenal stalker. There's like a company you could join for that.
Me: You have no idea how funny my friends would actually find what you just said.

The entire week I've been doing the countdown and greeting so that I can easily transition into my Holocaust unit. When the tardy bell rand for the start of 3rd bell I came in and I say the usually, "30 seconds. Have a seat please and thank you." However, they were all quiet and working so I didn't need to shout it. I kind of trailed off and the students were telling me that it was all dull and that I needed more energy. I said that they were already being perfect students so I didn't think I needed to shout it. One student told me I needed to strut in and say it like I meant it. Hahaha. BUT when I said the good morning they said good morning back really dull, so I pointed that out to them. I guess that's what I get! Haha.

Most of my students are African American, so the guys usually brush their hair to get waves in it. I always ask them why they brush their hair when they don't have any, and they tell me to get the waves, but never tell me why they want waves. Well, I asked one student in particular. He goes, "It kind of like gives us swag." So I asked him if I could have swag too if cut my hair short and got waves. He started cracking up. Every day he comes in I ask him if I would have swag if I did that.

The same student who told me about the swag was trying to log into his wiki, but it would keep taking him to Google search. It was seriously hilarious that he kept being taken there.

As you know the students are making Wikis on World War II. One of the events (if you forgot from history class) that occurred was D-Day. Every group has 3-4 people and the students were supposed to find a list of subtopics and divide the list among themselves to research. One boy was in charge of D-Day and while he was writing he asked if he could put "D-Day occurred on June 5 (which is also my birthday)." Haha! I would totally be guilty of wanting to do the same thing.

Next week is homecoming week at the school. All the students have to wear uniforms, but since it's spirit week they have themed days, like most high schools do, where they can be out of uniform on some days. On Thursday it's 80s day. As my MT was explaining the expectations for the days he goes, "You have to dress in clothes that they wore in the 1980s. If I were dressed like I was in the 80s I'd be covered in ladies." The students went crazy over that! Hahaha!

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  1. I love the comment about you making a good stalker! If only they knew....


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