Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Banners

I mentioned in an earlier post that students made family banners in advisory. I also made one and participated with them. The one I created is above. I'll explain it for all of you! The outline of the United Kingdom (mostly Scotland) represents my mom's side of the family and the outline of Slovenia represents my dad's because those are the two largest nationalities that make up both sides. I wrote Scottish, Welsh, and Slovenian around the UK because those are the other nationalities on my mom's side. Ross stands for our Scottish clan. German, Irish, and Slovenian are the nationalities that make up my dad's side. The bunting represents the fact that we like to have family gatherings and parties. The black dots represent everyone in my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc). The two arrows represent the two families growing up and having families in Cleveland. Finally, the 'Hahaha' bubble was an idea from my brother. I asked him and my sister what they thought of when they thought of our family and my brother said jokes and laughing, which is so true. I'm always laughing with my family.

It was really cute hearing what my students had to say. I enjoyed listening to their stories and asking questions.

Today was the start of the switch from my MT being the prominent voice to me. I started off with the phrase "30 seconds. Have a seat please and thank you." Then I did the countdown and finally said "Good-morning" and gave the warm up. The students were not expecting this at all. A lot of them laughed because it was so different for them. One girl said, "That's cute." My MT later told me that their reaction was cute. However, he said it was good that I'm starting this now instead of when I teach more often. Now, I've taught lessons, but I've never started a class so after hearing the same voice for about 6 weeks it's weird hearing a girls voice.

Speaking of voice (no pun intended), we showed the students the first of several web tutorials they could watch when putting together their wiki since a lot of the students are at that point now. At least one student in every class asked if I was the lady talking in the video. I couldn't help but laugh. My MT said that he should have taken advantage of it and told all the students that I made a series of videos they could watch. If you want to hear for yourself you can go here. If you've never heard my voice, well, it apparently sounds like that.

I also shared my oatmeal chocolate chip candy corn cookies with some of the teachers and the two other interns and they all loved them! Yay!

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  1. I'm glad they liked your cookies they look tasty, Also super proud of you and miss you


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