Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a Party in the USA

If you haven't noticed, I did a little updating to my blog. Check it out.

Today was kind of rough during 5th bell. What else is new though? My MT asked me to start class because he had to go talk to the gym teacher who always lets her students out late. I started with the introduction again, and the students would be silent, but then they just wouldn't listen. It was so annoying. I kicked on girl out for a second. They like didn't want to acknowledge my authority in the room. That is really what sucks about being a female teacher in an urban school. A lot of the students aren't used to female authority, especially a white girl. Luckily my MT wasn't gone for too long. I refused to allow students to get drinks or go to the restroom because they disrespected me. The ones that wanted to go were really mad at me because they didn't want to ask my MT for a pass.

Some students though did make my day and they said history was their favorite class! I was helping a group of students get signed up for their wikis (which by the way I'll post links when they're done so you can all check them out!) and one girl told me that she liked the way I taught and wished I was the full time teacher. Oh, if only they all felt like that.

One of the girls in my class and advisory told me that the English teacher was her favorite teacher so every day we joke to each other about it. I tell her she is my least favorite student and stuff. It's really funny.

One of the teachers on our team is being deployed to Afghanistan so his last day is Thursday. The school through a little assembly today to say good-bye. When the students were first walking in they had music playing (you know like Rihanna, etc). I wish you were all there to see what happened. As soon as Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" started playing the students went absolutely nuts! They all started singing. Some got up and started dancing. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

The good-bye was really sad because I was close to him since he was on our team. I'm going to miss him a lot. He's part of the marines so his mission is to teach Afghani's to become police officers. He'll only be gone for 7 months though and then he'll come back to the school. They allowed our students (those on the 10th grade team) to ask questions and say good-byes because they currently have him as their teacher. Some of them started crying when they were up there. It was so cute. He'll definitely be missed.

I'm currently working on a Holocaust Unit. My MT pretty much gave me free range to do whatever I want, except I need to teach Maus and we might have a survivor come in to talk to us. As I work through the process of coming up with an awesome unit (and every day in general) I try to live by the motto above.

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