Monday, October 25, 2021

Trinity Church Cemetery

75 Broadway, New York, NY 10006, USA
Alexandra not only gave us a list of place to eat, she also gave solid recommendations on places to visit. I loved reading her blog, so I knew whatever she suggested would be worth the stop. The Trinity Church Cemetery can be found in lower Manhattan and is home to 17th century tomb stones. The idea of tomb stones that old is really what sold it for me, but famous notables like Alexander Hamilton are also buried there. I didn't realize this until afterwards, but I also learned that there are different parts to this cemetery.
The headstone above is the oldest one in the cemetery. It belongs to 5 year old Richard Churcher, son of William Churcher, and dates back to 1681! Unfortunately, a quick Google search did not bring up much about who William Churcher was. It so fascinating all that this little cemetery has endured over the last 300ish years.
Whether or not you like cemeteries, Trinity Churchyard is definitely a quiet refuge in the middle of bustling Manhattan. It's a quick little walk, and definitely worth your time. It's free to enter, and you're probably likely to be near it at some point on your New York Trip.

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