Saturday, August 14, 2021

Life Update

Surprise! A lot has happened since I last posted! I got engaged, there was a global pandemic, I got married, and had a baby. Phew! Why I didn't post during the worst of the pandemic last summer I'll never know. I was actually on a huge reading kick, so that's probably why. I also finally got a new computer and figured out how to post on this updated blogger. So, hopefully I get more intentional about updating this blog because I have a TON of posts from the last few years I want to add. 
J and I got engaged February 2020 on his 31 birthday. This was before the worst of the pandemic. We had a little wedding ceremony in June 2020 with  the intention of having a bigger wedding in March 2021 with all our family and friends. We put a deposits down and I was working on minor details. During the month of July I was back working again and running as well. I had run 3 miles straight and the next day I started feeling sick. I thought maybe I just pushed myself too hard. It just kept getting worse and the symptoms were similar to covid, so, naturally, that's what I thought I had. While I was waiting for the results, I thought I would take a pregnancy test just to rule out something I was sure wasn't true. When I saw that I was in fact pregnant I cried. I don't like babies and I wasn't ready to have a kid. Later that day I got my negative covid test. 
Being pregnant during a pandemic is not something I'd recommend. The number of times I had panic attacks because of the mask are too many to count (but I'm not an idiot and would wear a mask for the safety of myself and others). I continued to wear a mask with limited lung capacity and constant congestion, so I don't need to hear any crying from you anti-maskers. Anyways, our little baby S came to us April 9, 2021 - 4 days before my 32nd birthday. 
I didn't have terrible postpartum depression, but I did have some and it seemed like FOREVER before I felt like myself again. It's also funny how much I love this little girl, but please don't make me hold your babies. I still don't really care for them.
These AMAZING photos were taken by Allison at This Lovely Light. I seriously cannot say enough great things about her. We hired her for our wedding, but when we cancelled it she agreed to do maternity and newborn photos with our deposit. I am eternally grateful for her flexibility. If you are in the Cleveland area, hire her!

Dress from Amazon. I'm wearing a medium. I think it runs slightly big.

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