Friday, March 22, 2019

Bethel Church Cemetery

21004 Big Pine Rd, Laurelville, OH 43135, USA
When I got back from Europe, J and I went to Hocking Hills. Neither of us had ever been there and we fell in love with the hiking trails and, more importantly, our cabin. We had this adorable cabin with a private pond and jacuzzi. We vowed that we would come back in the winter, so we could still enjoy the hot tub and maybe some hiking. I didn't bring my camera the first time, but decided to bring it this trip. When we first got to Hocking Hills we decided to walk one of the trails before it got too dark. We chose the Rock House again because it's a short trail and it's one of our favorites. I don't have any pictures of it because it was too dark in the woods to take good photos, but it's basically a large rock shelter. As we headed back to our cabin we passed this old cemetery. I quickly took a screen shot of the location as best I could on Google maps because we didn't have any service, hoping we could both piece together the location the next day.
I didn't find much about this cemetery or the church when I did a Google search. The oldest known burial is for Rebecca Reid who died in August 1829; however, earlier records were lost or misplaced so it's unknown whether any graves older than Reid's exist. The church was built later in 1853, and still maintains the cemetery grounds. The first results I came across when I started the search claim the cemetery resides on top of an Indian burial ground, but further research into it I came the the conclusion that it's probably fake because the website seemed a bit shady and full of conspiracy theories. It is quite possible Indian burial grounds exist around here - I've been to one in Marietta  - but, in my opinion, the cemetery is not on top of one.
The cemetery was cute and quaint and definitely worth the stop. I'm glad J suggested, and was up for, driving there. It's not too far from the parks. Afterwards we hiked through Cantwell Cliffs, and I don't remember it being a long drive. That's not saying much, though, because if you read my posts from my European trip you'll know I have a terrible memory and can't remember a thing.
How to get there:
Bethel United Methodist Church
21004 Big Pine Rd
Laurelville, OH 43135


  1. In the last picture the red barn in the left corner was my sister in law's farm...Mavis (Lehman) Schaal Edwards.

  2. This church and cemetery is about a half mile from where I live. According to Golda Paxton who was a great influence in the church, it is an Indian burial mound. Went to church many years ago and knew many of the people that attended there!


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