Monday, January 2, 2017

Helsinki, Pt. 4

Helsinki, Finland
Looking back on my trip to Helsinki I realized how much we actually packed into our Friday. It didn't seem like we did much at the time, but the fact that I have four separate blog posts tells me a different story. We knew we would have some time during the day to sightsee, but we had to be back around 5 pm in order to make it to my cousins hockey game.

From my last two posts you can see that we managed to fit in Temppeliaukion Church and Hietaniemi Cemetery into our morning. We walked from the church to the cemetery since they weren't far from each other. I couldn't help but admire all the buildings. Their look is different from Russia, and I definitely felt like I was in a different country. After we finished walking around the cemetery we were pretty cold and thought it would be a good idea to head towards the Cable Factory and get some lunch.
We took an Uber to Kaapelitehdas, which is also called the Cable Factory because, in it's former life, it used to be just that - a cable factory. Kaapeli is home to several museums including the Finish Museum of Photography and the Hotel and Restaurant Museum. If I ever get a chance to go back I'd like to see the Hotel and Restaurant Museum. It sounds interesting does it not? Beside the museums, there is also a designer market during the Christmas season, which is the main reason we went. I'm glad my aunt likes markets as much as I do!

When we first arrived we went into the restaurant Hima & Sali right inside the building. It was confusing at first because the front part is more of a cafe and the main hall is more of a restaurant. We ordered our lunch which included water and the salad bar! The food was delicious, and I loved the high ceilings and tall windows inside. It was pretty busy for lunch but by the time we started eating it began to empty out.
After eating we walked around the market. It took up two large areas, which was a lot larger than I expected. The items in this market were handmade by designers. I didn't take many pictures inside because it was crowded but it was worth the visit. I wanted to buy so many things but I always have to keep in perspective my bank account and my suitcase. I did buy a thing or two as gifts for people so I didn't leave empty handed.
Have you visited any Christmas markets this holiday season?

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