Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kazan Pt. 2

On Saturday night A noticed the building for the Museum of Illusions. I thought it sounded fun, so we decided to go in. Unfortunately, I needed a shower so I felt really crummy while we were taking pictures. Also, I still really need to work on taking pictures of people and indoor pictures in general. So, I apologize for the crappy quality. Basically, this museum has paintings all over the wall and it is supposed to look like you are in the photo. As you can tell by my poor photography skills it doesn't always look like that. The museum was so worth it though. There were so many different rooms to walk through.

Along with the Museum of Illusions there are about five or six other attractions, so A
 bought tickets to Дом великана (Giant House). Honestly, it wasn't worth the price. There were only two rooms and it wasn't as exciting once you got it. Although, I'm sure if you have kids it might have been more fun. You couldn't climb on anything, I know I sound like I'm five, but it would have made it much more fun especially in the kitchen.
We went to two others later on our trip, but I honestly thought it was such a cool idea! These museums are so much fun and I'm surprised they aren't more popular. Russian winters last a long time so I guess you have to become creative with your indoor activities. What kind of museums do you like to go to?


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