Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Republic Holiday

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One of many positives about living in the Republic of Bashkortostan is that there is a large Muslim population so not only do we celebrate Russian holidays but we also celebrate Muslim holidays. I had the day off of work on September 24 for Kurban Bayram. I met up with my friend, Anya, for the first time. We wanted to rent bikes but there was a wait so we just ended up walking around. It was a beautiful, warm day! I brought my coat but I didn't even need it!

The first place we stopped at was Yakutova Park. I have been to this park before but it is really cute. Plus, there is a little amusement park for kids! I found that people in the area like to put locks on things like the bridge in Paris.
Next, we walked towards Salavat Yulaev Park. We stopped at a store to get some water and ice cream before we headed to the park. There are so many parks in Ufa that I don't even know the other parks I went to after this. Also, most people will say the names in Russian and it's hard for me to follow along with what they are saying. I'm getting better though! I love the tops of the houses here! They are so colorful and fun. It's one of the things I first saw when I landed, but I still love them every time I see them.
We headed down this little pathway in the middle of the street. It was very charming and led to the entrance of another park that opened up to the river.
Finally, we walked down to the river and just sat for some time while the sun went down. I was so relieved to finally rest. I'm way too out of shape to be living here. People love to walk here! I love walking, but I didn't realize how out of shape America made me.
Sorry for those who read my blog. I've been terrible at editing my photos and blogging! Hopefully, my Facebook and Instagram posts keep you up to date enough!


  1. oooh, so jealous of the amount of parks there. I love the colorful rooftops


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