Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fourth of July

I usually don't do much for Fourth of July because I'm usually scheduled to work. I don't mind working sometimes because I don't have many friends up here, so I like to let the ones who have plans enjoy them. I'm also super old so I don't do much with my family. I don't even want to talk about work because is was partially terrible, but we did get to wear red, white, and blue so that was fun. 
I worked from 12-8:20ish and when I got home my neighbors were over with my parents. Mandi, who I grew up with, invited me to go to watch the fireworks with her and three of her kids. I said I would go because I wanted to celebrate the holiday a little bit, and we haven't done much together since we've grown up. I actually wanted to add "watch the fireworks" to my list, but I honestly did not even think I'd go because I haven't celebrated it in years. I was kind of excited she invited me along! We ended up going to the same place Mandi, me, and our siblings went to growing up so it brought back memories. 
I only have camera photos from that day, and the last one I stole the group one from Mandi. Despite, a horrible hour at work it ended up being a great holiday!

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  1. we ended up missing them all, is it the 4th if you don't see fireworks haha. Glad you got out to see some


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