Friday, May 1, 2015

Lake View Cemetery

On April 13, I decided to celebrate my birthday by doing something fun. Now, I wouldn't consider a cemetery fun, but I do find taking pictures to be pretty enjoyable. I heard that Lake View Cemetery was a fascinating place and it was on my list of things to see/do in Cleveland, so I thought my birthday would be a great day since I didn't want to spend it alone at home.

There are some pretty famous landmarks in Lake View Cemetery, unfortunately I didn't think about planning out what to see until I got there. I need to go back and have a better idea of what I want to see, but the place is massive. You could easily spend two or three days walking around.

The most famous landmark is obviously President Garfield's Memorial. I didn't know what to expect when I decided to see it, but when I saw it from a distance I knew it had to be it. Nearby was also John D. Rockefeller's gravestone and monument and from it you could see downtown and Lake Erie. Going for the views alone is worth the trip. I didn't realize that you could walk out onto the upper landing of the monument, and by the time I did the monument was closed. Next time I return I'm definitely going to check it out.
I had heard about the Haserot Angel, and I thought it would be an interesting statue to see. I didn't buy a guide so I really didn't know where to look. I found the section it was in online but a map online that I found wasn't too helpful. When I finally found it I realized I had driven by it about 4 times. It was not hidden at all but it was set back that made it difficult to see. I had the same bad luck trying to find Eliot Ness's tombstone which turned out to be on the exact same rode just slightly before the Haserot Angel. If I can be honest for a second, the Haserot Angel really creeped me out and I was honestly kind of nervous to take pictures of it. I don't believe in ghosts or demons attacking, but I kind of had it on the back of my mind when taking pictures of the statue. Even editing the photo had me nervous.
It drizzled a little bit towards the end of the trip. You could see dark, ominous clouds in the distance which I thought perfectly added to the setting. Luckily, the rain didn't come until I was home!

Have you been to Lake View Cemetery? What are some landmarks you usually stop by to see?

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  1. Wow, President Garfield's memorial is stunning! The angel statue is pretty eerie. I'm sure I would be a little nervous if I was checking it out by myself.


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