Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mexico City Pt. 1

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Wednesday, December 11: I left for Mexico City really early in the morning. After a long morning and a 45 minute layover in Dallas I was in Mexico City around two in the afternoon. Mexico City is actually called "DF" (dey-effey), which I will use to make things simpler to type. I wasn't nervous at all until the plane landed at Benito Juarez. Then it finally hit me that I was actually in Mexico, by myself, and I got really nervous. It was my first time out of the United States, and so going through customs and immigration was really confusing. I finally got through, and got a cab to my hostel. While in the cab the culture shock finally hit me.

There is so much traffic in Mexico City! While in the cab I just took in the entire city. It was kind of hard finding the hostel but eventually we did. I checked into the hostel and went up to my room. I decided that while I was in Mexico I was actually going to take an initiative to do things because I wanted it to be a great trip. I went and walked down the street from the hostel to explore and buy some water. I was so overwhelmed and had such a headache that I went back in the hostel and thought "What the heck am I doing?" I got the password to the hostels internet, which was the first time I was able to talk to family and friends. Thank goodness for smart phones. I immediately started messaging people, just because I was so homesick. I started talking to Pako, who I met via internet after seeing his work on Pinterest, and he invited me out to dinner later that night.

Afterwards, my headache was so bad I just rested before going out. I tried taking a nap, but I couldn't. Eventually, it was time. Pako met me at my hostel and we walked to the downtown Condesa area where all the restaurants are. We walked through this park called Parque EspaƱa and eventually we made it to a pizza place called Pizza del Perro Negro. I know, who eats pizza in Mexico, but seriously this pizza was delicious. We talked for a bit then I went back to my hostel.

Thursday, December 12 (morning): The next morning I woke up and I felt much better.  I asked one of the girls staying in the room with me if she wanted to get breakfast, but she didn't have time. We talked for a bit and when she left I decided to go out. I had the worst time finding places to eat or get coffee. I walked around for a while, and finally found some coffee. Ordering in Mexico was really confusing. I wasn't sure what to do so I went up to the counter and luckily the guy spoke English. I ordered a frappuccino, and decided to walk to another street and sit down on a bench. In Condesa, there are some streets with stretches of walking paths and benches between them, and that is what I thought would be a great place to sit and think about what I wanted to do for the day.

While I was in Mexico I would smile at the people I walked past, which I soon learned probably isn't the best idea for a white girl alone in Mexico. I happened to look up at a guy, who I later learned was about 28. So I just smile at him and look down then he smiles and walks over to me. He immediately starts talking really close to my face. He starts speaking in Spanish, and he starts touching my legs. I immediately tell him in Spanish that I do not understand him. I could pick out some things I was saying, but not all of it. I just keep telling him I don't understand him and that I have a boyfriend. I try to understand what he was saying just because I was curious. I heard him say things like I was pretty and he wanted to get to know me. At one point he starts touching my hair and face and I push his hand away saying I needed to go. This goes on for a while, and I just keep telling him I don't understand Spanish, and that I need to get to a park. He keeps asking if I need a companion, and I say no. People walking by just look at us even though I am trying to give a look of desperation.  Eventually, I am able to get up. Then I start walking to get back to the hostel. However, I somehow missed my street. I had to take out a map and when I look up I see him standing across the way. I gave him this look like really? I turn down this street and keep walking. I realized I was lost again, and I turn around to leave and I walk right past him saying "Adios! Adios! Adios!" as he is trying to talk to me. After that I think he gave up because he realized that I had no idea where I was going. I never saw him after that incident. I never felt unsafe during the entire incident. Yes, I felt creeped out, but never unsafe. There were just so many people and police around I knew that nothing would ever happen. Plus, the culture is different there, so while it would be VERY weird here for that to happen, it sort of went with the culture down there. Now, not every guy will touch you, in fact that was the only time, but I never felt like I was about to die.

One day while I was at Boston Market a woman came in who just got back from Ecuador. I asked her about traveling alone as a woman because it was right before I was going to Mexico. She said that no matter how much you plan something will go wrong. It could be small or large, but something will go unexpectedly. Even though it's not what you planned, it's what will make that trip exciting because without it the trip is just a trip. She called this the 5 Year Story. This is the story that you can tell years later and it will still be exciting. With that in mind I would say the incident with that guy was my 5 year story.

The rest of my Thursday will take place in a different blog post because there are a lot of pictures I need to add. Thinking about on your trips, what would your Five Year Story be? I'm interested in hearing about it?

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  1. Sounds interesting so far! A lot of my 5 year stories involve some kind of mishap or disaster so that lady is right. I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!!!


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