Sunday, May 5, 2013

Milk Glass Vase DIY

This is a super simple DIY. I am obsessed with neutral colors and pops of color, so I love milk glass. Plus, finding milk glass vases when thrifting makes me so happy because they are very easy vintage pieces.

What you need:
  • White GLOSSY spray paint
  • Various jars and vases
  • Newspaper or a drop cloth.
Make sure before you start that all labels are removed from the jars. I usually soak mine and scrub the labels. You can you rubbing alcohol to remove any left over glue. Make sure you wash your jars and let them dry completely!

Next, I laid down the newspaper and put the bottles on it to keep from spraying the porch (which happened anyways. Oops!). Between every coat I waited at least a half hour, but I would wait at least an hour. Make sure you coat the vases evenly. Follow your spray paint instructions for temperature and distance which spraying should be done.

Once your jars are completely dry they are ready to be used! I can’t wait to put flowers in them to add pops of color to my cocktail cart!



  1. cute! I love the "I waited 1/2 an hour but you should wait an hour" I'm totally like that

  2. AH! Crafty crafty you. These are adorable. I just did a little spray painting and got spray paint everywhere so I lol-ed that you said you got paint on the porch anyway. It made me feel so much better!


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