Friday, August 10, 2012

Cleveland Parks: Wildwood

If I know any park like the back of my hand it's this one. Wildwood is right next to my parents house, so we grew up exploring it. How many kids can say they had a park next to their house? Of course we weren't always allowed to go there by ourselves when we were younger, but we were able to go enough to leave me with a magical feeling every time I go back.

This park is actually property from a family that used to live here. Obviously, the land they owned was much larger than the park now, but the mansion is still on the property and is used as a cultural center. We used to go to the camp there when I was about 6. There used to be a small building in the back that was built as a play house for the girls that lived there. Apparently, there used to be an oven and everything in it. Growing up the only thing that stood were the walls. Eventually, it was torn down because people used to always graffiti weed leaves and stuff on the walls. I tried to find where it stood but I couldn't. I wish I did, but I also didn't want to go to close to the house because I had my dog and there were too many people!

The park is really small, but every time I walk through it I am reminded of my childhood. So many times we would ride our bikes down the large hills. You can't even do that anymore because the ground is too sandy now. I remember the park feeling so big. It was exciting to walk across one of those small wooden bridges because it seemed like a lifetime to find. Now, I can walk along all those bridges on a short walk with my dog. If you ever come to Mentor you have to go. If anything just to see the house! It's beautiful. I tried to take a picture, but again, I felt kind of weird because there were people inside!

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  1. I love this. I always enjoy walking through old woods that I played in when I was younger and letting the memories rush back.


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