Saturday, May 19, 2012

Organizing My Life (Kind Of)

So, if you didn't know I love organization and cleanliness. I absolutely love a clean and organized home, which is weird because my parents' house is nothing of the sort. At least my room, for the most part, as a safe haven of organization.

Over the past few years I saved all my history papers and all my education material (from lesson plans to professional articles). Last summer I put everything into binders and it was kind of organized but it still wasn't what I wanted it to be. I gave up though because organizing gives me a head ache after a while. It involves way too much thinking.

Several days ago I decided to give the organizing another go. I downsized to two binders and really got rid of old readings I knew I would never read again (I could barely read them the first time). The first binder has all my history papers. The second binder as professional articles related to teaching and social studies.

Now comes my big project. I finally organized all my lesson plans and lesson materials into history topics. Below are two pictures of the mess to begin with. These pictures don't do it justice!
Sorting into piles
The next day I went to Target and picked up this really cute file box and extra hanging folders. Since the folders that came with the box were white and the extra ones were green I decided to use that to my organizing advantage. The white folders are for more lesson planning and administrative teaching materials. The green folders are for social studies specific topics that are covered in a high school history classroom.
I then wrote the topics onto the pieces of paper and started putting away my materials. I really wish I had prettier print. I should have just written it in cursive.
Then when I was done I tucked it away on my shelf! I am so much happier with an organized life!
Since I didn't have internet while I was doing this I watched Monk while I was working on the organization project. I love that show.
Now all I need is a job to put my organization to good use! :)

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