Monday, March 5, 2012

Potted Plants and Planters

Yesterday I posted a picture of the two plants I bought. A cactus I named Phineas and a succulent I named Margo. I love succulents and I was so excited that Ikea actually sold them! I decided to buy a cactus too! Well, I actually had to remove them from their old containers and put them in new ones.
Phineas and Margo
I love using old candle holders was containers for various things. I had a plant in one but it eventually died because I went home for a while and it was never watered. I used the glass candle holder for Margo. I also had an old planter that I kept markers in. I don't know where I got it, but I decided to use that for Phineas since it is a bigger plant.

Haley and I both bought plants at Ikea that all needed to be repotted. So, when we went to Home Depot to get paint chips we also bought some potting soil. Now, they have specific soil for plants like a cactus since they don't require much water, but I decided to take my chances with just regular potting soil. If you are new to planting Haley and I learned from her mom that if the pot doesn't have a whole at the bottom you need to put rocks, broken glass, or something to keep the roots from sitting in water.

I decided to paint the outside of the other pot because I didn't want it to be orange. I wanted to paint it white with black triangles but my painting ability is very poor. I eventually gave up and painted it black. I then used a silver Sharpie to make designs on it. I'm not completely happy with it, but it's not that big of a deal right now so I'm going to wait to add more to it.

I put foil under Phineas because the planter had a hole at the bottom, but since neither require a ton of water I'm not worried about it leaking too much water. Phineas was really struggling because I accidentally knocked him over when I was leaning Ikea. I thought repotting him would be better, but he still is a little shaky. Anyway they are happy and ready for the warm weather!

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