Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleveland V.2: Mentor High Edition

Yes, today is the day I went back to visit my high school. I visited once before in the five years I had been out of it. I don't think I have been back since my sophomore year of college though.

My friend Megan and I wanted to surprise our (well, at least my) favorite teacher ever! She became our 10th grade English teacher in the middle of that year and then we hung out in her classroom ever year until we graduated. I used to go in an straighten her room and grade papers. You could already see a teacher in the making! We invited our friend Kevin along as well because he was also a former student.

When we got there the security guard wouldn't let us walk around the school until the bell rang at the end of the day. We sat on a bench and it was kind of awkward because I felt like people were looking at us like we got in trouble. It was weird being back there though because it seemed so different and yet the same. It felt a lot smaller too, but that might be because the building I did my internship at was huge.

When the bell rang we needed to find her room, but the security guard was busy so we had Megan ask her brother who is a cop at the school to tell us where her room was. She was mad we made her ask him. I thought it was funny, but I also hate asking people for help. I couldn't help but notice the identities high schools in white suburban schools take. It's actually pretty comical, but I was one of them. A lot of being there before we saw our former teacher made me miss my internship and the school and the students there. I really need to stop living in the past though because it's not going to help me get a job.

We found her room and she was so surprised and happy to see us. We talked about our lives and books and many other things. She remembered so much about me that I didn't even remember about myself! Being in her room did make me miss some of the good aspects of high school. I wish I could have visited some other teachers, but she was my all time favorite teacher and the teacher who knew me the best so I don't even care that we spent like 2 hours talking with her.
One of my favorite quotes from the afternoon was from Kevin. When referring to the book The House on Mango Street he called it The House on English Street. I couldn't stop laughing!

Also, Megan was going through the book shelf in the room to see what books there were to read and she picked up James and the Giant Peach. We were all in for a big surprise when we saw the illustrations in the book. I don't know if it's just me but James looks straight up like the devil.

And some other pictures from our journey!

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