Saturday, November 5, 2022

Costa Rice | Part 1

San José Province, San José, Costa Rica
In July of 2019 I was asked if I wanted to "chaperone" a school trip to Costa Rica. I, of course said YES, but I wasn't sure how I would actually like being on a trip where I had little say in what was said or done. I'm so used to traveling and doing things I want to do that I was nervous I wouldn't enjoy this trip - especially because it was catered towards teens. 

We left on July 10, 2019 and flew to San Jose. I actually wrote in my travel journal that I had to work from 4:30-11 pm the day before, and our flight took off at 6 am. I didn't get much sleep. When we arrived in Costa Rica, we met our guide and had a short walk in San Jose. We had our first meal also which was very good. The adults were warned that the food wouldn't be too adventurous because they had please kids, but everything we ate in Costa Rica was amazing. I ate so much fruit.
I wish I could have taken more photos of San Jose because the buildings were beautiful. But the nature of what I was doing there didn't give me an opportunity to stop. I did manage to get more on other days.

We arrived at our first hotel that evening, and it was gorgeous! We really didn't expect to stay in a place so nice. Since I was the 5th adult on the trip I also got my own room at every place we stayed! It had its perks, but at times, especially when I didn't get wifi, it did feel really lonely. My room at this hotel was HUGE. I could have had a dance party with like 30 people and still had room. I don't remember what else we did that night, but I'm sure I went to bed early.
Have you ever visited Costa Rica?

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