Monday, January 18, 2016

Madrid Pt. 3

Madrid, Spain
Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After walking through Retiro Park Ben left us because he wasn't feeling well, so Catherine took me on a walk around the city. In Madrid you need to pay to use most public bathrooms so we stopped at McDonalds and got some coffee while we were there. I'm convinced that McDonalds in Europe are 10 times nicer than the ones in America. Their interiors are so cool.

We walked to Sol and Plaza Mayor, and saw the giant Christmas tree they had up for the holidays. I think that is one of the perks of being in Europe in the winter, the decorations and lights are so pretty! One thing I was not expecting was the temperature. I just packed my jacket thinking that anywhere was warmer than Russia, but I should have packed my winter coat and scarf!

She also took me into Mercado San Miguel which is one of the popular markets in Madrid. I really liked walking through it, and if I go back I definitely want to try some of the food, but we weren't hungry. It was pretty packed though, so I can't imagine what it would be like to visit it during tourist season!
As it got darker we decided to head back. My feet were killing me from all the walking. I walk more now in Russia than I did in the United States, but I wasn't used to the amount of walking we did! I'm glad we did it though because I like to walk, and it was worth the pain my feet were in for the next several days! Before we went home we stopped at a bakery to buy a Roscón de Reyes, which is a popular holiday dessert. It honestly doesn't look like it would taste very good but it did!

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