Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sticker Canvas Board Word Art

I have the best Aunt in the entire world. She goes out of her way to make others happy and she's done more for me than I can say. She also loves wine. I saw a canvas board with a wine saying on it and I knew that I wanted to make one for her.

This is a super simple project that doesn't even really require a post, but I figured I've been lacking on posts lately so I would make one. I've made something like this before, but I used foam letters.You can see that post here.
 photo 015-1.jpg
Supplies: 1. Paint for your choice. 2. White paint (optional) for touch ups. 3. Stick letters (I used 2 in. letters). 4. Canvas board
 photo 023.jpg
Place letters any way you'd like on your canvas board. In order to keep my letters even I went back and fourth between the top words and bottom to make sure I'd have enough space.
 photo 025.jpg
Next, paint your canvas board. I did about 2 coats with a few touch ups here and there. I also want over the letters with white paint because I'm a messy painter!
 photo 029.jpg
Then you're done!

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