Monday, February 11, 2013

12 Thanks: V.2

In February I am thankful for my mom and dad's house. As much as get annoyed with my dad and would rather have my own place I cannot act like living with my parents is the end of the world. I am very blessed to be allowed to stay here for free. Free food, electricity, heat, internet, and cable. My parents know I don't want to be here but have graciously welcomed me back home.
 photo 004.jpg
 photo 012-1.jpg
 photo 032.jpg
 photo 036.jpg
 photo 037.jpg
 photo 040-1.jpg
 photo 042.jpg
 photo 051-1.jpg
 photo 052.jpg
As you can see I desperately need to clean my craft closet. And living with my dog isn't so bad! :)

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