Friday, January 11, 2013


Reading: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Seriously, such an amazing book. It was so hard to put down from page one. I really like historical fiction, especially stories set during World War I and II, such as The Book Thief. This book is set in 1950s Russia (aka Soviet Union), and it sets the perfect setting for being stuck in a country and realizing that there is really nothing you can do when you have no help from the country. It is very similar to 1984 with the idea of big brother watching you.

Watching: Mad Men Season 5. I haven't started season 5 yet, but I am looking forward to it. I've been waiting for Netflix to have it ever since I ended season 4 months ago. Luckily, Spencer was awesome enough to give it to me!

Working on: Nothing yet, but I need to start a new craft project. I have an idea of what I want to do, but I need the supplies to do so. I'm also trying to brainstorm ideas for where I want this blog to go. It needs a makeover. A while ago I actually made a banner, but I ran of out photo space so blogger wouldn't let me upload it unless I bought more space. Let's face it I'm CHEAP. I am also working on a photo project or 52 week project. I have until tomorrow to figure it out if I want to do it still. Oops.

Thinking about: I am highly considering quitting from one of the school districts. I applied hoping it would be like my student teaching experience, but I was in for such a blow. I am not one to care about what students think about me. What they say or do to me doesn't make me feel like it is personal to me. You know what I mean? But working in this school district is just so hard. I have panic attacks and I can't sleep because I hate doing it so much. I wanted to stick through with it to use it as a learning experience, and I hate quitting jobs, but I just can't do it. Many people have told me that it's not worth being this stressed out about, and I'm finally starting to agree. I'm hoping to get hired with another school district, which I am almost certain will happen. 

Anticipating: 2013. I have 12 months where anything, and I mean ANYTHING can happen. My future jobs, relationships, travels are all up in the air.
Also, anticipating getting over this bronchitis so I can finally start running again.

Listening to: States. I love this band, and now that Christmas (and Christmas music is over) it was the first cd I put in my car and have been playing it over and over.

Eating: Pea soup and drinking Erie Island Coffee Co coffee. My mom makes the best pea soup, and I really need  to eat fast because I have to be at work in a bit.

Wishing: Something good and exciting would happen in my life. I just feel like I'm going through the motions every day. I hate living at home. I don't have many friends and I don't do much. I need something exciting to happening or someone good to come into my life.

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