Thursday, February 15, 2018

Puerto Rico Pt. 1

Arecibo, Puerto Rico
December 31, 2017
In December, some friends and I decided last minute to take a trip to Puerto Rico. I'm not typically a person who enjoys hot weather or beaches, but every once in a while it's nice. We flew from Cleveland to D.C. with a really quick layover, and then we were on our way to San Juan. At the airport we were picked up by the nicest taxi driver. She offered us snacks and water as soon as we got in. She drove us the hour or so and took us to a grocery store so we could buy food and water. Then she drove us to my friend Yeny's house in the mountains. I felt bad for her because it was really mountainous and my friends house is up a one way road. I, myself, was afraid we'd fly right off the edge of it. She was actually supposed to bring us back to the airport on our last day but ended up canceling because of the drive. I don't blame her.
When we arrived at her house we cleaned up a bit and started preparations for dinner. Because of the hurricane there was no electricity or running water, but we made do. Yeny was in charge of the chicken and it was the most delicious chicken I had ever eaten. My friend Abby was in charge of the mashed potatoes and they tasted great even without gravy or butter. I made the salad, and it was just okay. I made the suggestion of bringing the table outside to eat because it was warm inside. It was so beautiful, quiet, and the weather was perfect. I ended up falling asleep before midnight, so I didn't get to ring in the New Year, but it was still one of my favorite New Years Eves ever!
Sorry for the quality of photos. These are all cell phone photos, as you can tell because I never have this many photos of myself, but I didn't have any photos on my camera from that first day. How did you celebrate New Years Eve?


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