Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Look at Innopolis

Innopolis, Tatarstan, Russia

I've had the pictures in this post queued for a very long time. I, honestly, didn't know how to make it into a real post. I had already written this post in July about Innopolis, so I was at a loss for how to present these photos. As I was editing posts, I was taken back to my time there. It feels like it was years ago, and I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by! It's already December, and I'll be back in America (probably) in just seven months! I almost started crying the other day thinking about how I'll be leaving. I guess this is less about Innopolis and more about how time needs to slow down because I'm not ready to leave Russia.

I'm still excited to see what this place will look like in five, maybe ten, years. The funny thing about Russia is they build something to look so nice and modern, yet they use the cheapest materials ever. We had a bad storm there one night and so much was damaged. Windows were broken, ceilings were leaking, and they just replaced everything without looking at the bigger issue. It's going to cost more money to replace everything every time there is a storm than if they just made the good investment in the first place. I had several Russians tell me that the problem is corruption. People will hire those who can give them the biggest bang for their buck. I guess that's what money does to you. Regardless, it is still a really cool and modern place, and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to spend my summer there.

Would you like to live in Innopolis?


  1. Hold up, wait a minute - is Innopolis by chance a portmanteau of "innovation" and "metropolis"? Because that would be amazing.

  2. Um, YES. I would totally live there!

    Also, you can't leave :( Who will blog cool adventures and pictures from Ufa? You must at least train a replacement ;)

    1. I wish I could stay in Russia! College loans are the worst!


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