Friday, November 25, 2016

Moscow Street Art

Moscow, Russia
This is a short, but sweet, post on some of the street art I saw in Moscow. Unfortunately, we didn't come across much street art in Moscow, and the stuff I did see was on the train going into the city. The metro alone is enough to get your fix of city art, but there were a few other gems hidden around the city. By the way, you should take the suburban train from Vnukovo to the center if you want to see some fantastic graffiti.
I'm a big pop art fan, so the one below reminded me of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans art piece. Who doesn't like some art of sweetened condensed milk? If you'd like to see more street art from Moscow and other places just click this link.
Where are other great places to see street art in Moscow?


  1. That condensed milk can would make a great tattoo, IMO.

    Love the new logo as well!

  2. Haha, cool idea! :)

    Total language geek rambling here-
    I'm really curious about the word on it, and my human translator/husband is not around. Did you figure it out? Is it a Russian portmanteau? I think it might be...?

    A can of сгущенка (condensed milk) but mixed up with the word запрещенный (forbidden). Запре + щенка. I tried looking around for an explanation but only found this blogger who was wondering the same thing after seeing the art himself: The answers on his post ranged from rubbish - advertisement - statement about the sanctions / food imports - someone suffering from not enough сгущенка in their life. Weird! :p

    1. I asked Anton, and he said it's probably related to sanctions. I didn't realize they were all over Moscow. I want to go back and look for them!

  3. I love that sweetened condensed milk art haha

    1. Me too! My friend said it would make a great tattoo :)


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