Saturday, August 10, 2013

24 Before 25

As you may or may not recall I made a list of 23 things I wanted to do before I turned 24*. I didn't even get through half the list. This year I made another one. I already know there are plenty of things I'm not going to get through. Plus, I'm posting this about, um, 4 months too late. Better late than never!

1. Go on a trip
2. Read one book a month
3. Finish rug
4. Pay off car
5. Run a 5k
6. Sew a skirt
7. Save for Asia trip
8. Eat a macaron
9. Watch "Catching Fire"
10. Make homemade pizza
11. Visit James A. Garfield's House
12. Go swimming
13. Learn 10 new Spanish words
14. Reorganize craft cabinet
15. Make a watercolor painting (Read the post here)
16. Sub every day for a month
17. Get a tattoo
18. Go to a Cleveland Indian's game
19. Do work at a coffee shop
20. Learn a new hairstyle
21. Send Jillian a package
22. Memorize a Bible verse
23. Continue going to Bible study (even when times are tough!)
24. Go stargazing

Keep up to date with my challenge in the link under my picture to the right titled "Birthday Bucket List."

*You can visit my past 23 before 24 challenge here.


  1. This is inspiring :) Keep it up! I love that you are sticking with it even though you didn't get through everything you wanted to- there are a lot of goals that I didn't meet this year. What's the watercolor painting you made?

    1. I'm going to blog about it soon! It's a surprise right now! :)


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