Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Infinity Scarves

When I first wanted to make these my mom and I tried following several tutorials but none of them were ever clear on how to sew them together. I just decided to have a seam that showed after I saw some at Target like that. I hope these directions are clear enough to follow because these are really to make.
I bought two yards of fabric. You can start with any amount of fabric you would like, but I like big thick scarves, especially to pair with outfits  for fall and winter. I folded the fabric in half.
Next, I cut down the crease made from folding the fabric in half.
I ended up with two separate pieces of fabric. You can put the one aside and use it to make another scarf.
With one piece of fabric I folded it inside out so the edges lined up.
I pinned the edges together all the way up the strip of fabric. I pinned so that I had about an inch of fabric on the outside so that when I sewed the fabric together there would be enough leeway just in case I made a mistake and the fabric didn't line up.
When I was finished I sewed the fabric together along my pinned line.
When I finished sewing I turned the fabric right side out. There should be two openings at each end.
I then focused on one end and folded about two inches of the edge inside. I pinned the fabric together so it wouldn't move. If you don't pin it the edges won't line up and you'll end up with too short of fabric on one side. This could mean that you'll have a hole when you sew the edges together. Believe me I've had this happen.
I then took the opposite end and put it about two-three inches inside my pinned edge. I then pinned the edges together and removed the pins from the one side once I had the edge all the way pinned.
Here is a pretty bad picture of the pinning, but if you can see the one edge is completely inside the folded edge. I then sewed as close to the fold as I could. 
Then voila! You have an infinity scarf. Depending on the fabric you may need to ruff it a bit because it will be kind of flat. 

I've used cotton and flannel fabric and both work well. The flannel is pretty thick so it might be kind of difficult to put through a sewing machine. I want to try jersey fabric, but I assume it will work just as well. Please let me know if there is anything confusing about these instructions so that I can help clarify what I did! 

Hopefully my next sewing project will be a maxi skirt. I'm still trying to learn the sewing machine. Thank goodness for a patient mom! -Jasilyn


  1. Thanks for your step by step tutorial! I am looking to make these for Christmas gifts. Just want to clarify that the two yards should make two scarves right?

    1. Yes! fold the two yards in half long ways and cut straight up! The nice thing is that your cut doesn't have to be too nice because you're sewing it.

      I would practice on scrap fabric when it comes to sewing the infinity scarf together (both ends to make the circle) because it's tricky at first.

    2. When you sewedf the 2 ends together did you hand sew it or use the machine?

    3. Sewing machine. You could see the seam, but if you wrapped the scarf the right way it was hidden.


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