Monday, April 2, 2012

Gifts for Guys

I don't know about you, but I am TERRIBLE at finding gifts for guys. Not that I ever really needed to, but still. I've never had a boyfriend (probably never will) so I have never really needed to find gifts for guys apart from my dad and my brother. They don't count though. I basically just ask my brother what he wants and I usually just get my dad something with Gilligan's Island, Bob Dylan, or beer. Easy enough.

This week I found myself at a loss of what to get for my friend because he has done a lot for me lately so I thought it was time to repay him. His birthday was yesterday, but I spent the past couple of days trying to figure out what to get a guy I really have nothing in common with. I wanted to take him to Columbus, but then I realized that was impractical for such short notice. Eventually I found myself looking around Pnterest and came across this post. Out of all the cheap DIY stuff I saw this looked the most classy and fun!

That is what started the inspiration for the gift. One thing I realized was that things will start coming to you when you walk around a store. I thought I was done with the gift when I went into Barnes and Noble to pass time and ended up walking out with two books for him. If you don't know what to get a guy my biggest piece of advice is to listen to him. When I was in Barnes and Noble I started remembering conversations we had which led to the gifts I bought.

For his birthday gift I hand made the card. I usually don't buy cards unless I am in a hurry or, to be honest, we aren't that close, or if it is for something specific. What I mean about something specific is that I will usually buy wedding cards or I always buy cards for my friend, Haruna, in Japan because I like sending American holiday cards to her. I made the card out of two index cards put them together with string and then used a clothes pin to keep it attached to the bag.

I then made him oatmeal chocolate chip cookies because those are my specialty. Also, he LOVES cookies. I also remember he mentioning he wanted a flask, so I bought him one. The one I liked was at Pottery Barn, but they must only have them online so I ended up buying the one below from Things Remembered. I wanted to buy him whisky (or rum) but I am terrible at knowing what is good because I don't drink it that often. So I ended up just buying a six pack of Moerlein. I bought him Crime and Punishment because he is Russian and was telling me I should know about all the great Russian writers (and blah blah blah). I come to find out even he hasn't read the book after I gave him this gift, but I really liked the cover so I bought it. I also bought him the first Hunger Games book because he told me he couldn't decide if he wanted to read it. It probably isn't something he will like (he's pretty picky), but I told him he could give it back to me if he absolutely hated it. ;)

Sorry for the pictures in my car! You can tell I did this all last minute! While I was buying his gifts I realized that I can never have a boyfriend or kids because I'll just spoil them too much! I love putting together gifts for people. It allows me to be crafty but also allows me to give to others.

By the way, my birthday is April 13 (that is 11 days away)... ;)

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