Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 13 2012

I had a wonderful birthday and wonderful friends who celebrated it with me. This is just a small recap of the day. I first went to visit my mentor teacher and students from my fall student teaching experience. Then I met my friend Haley for lunch. We got McDonalds and headed to Eden Park to eat it. At Eden Park we walked through the Presidential grove where I saw Thomas Jefferson's tree. I had to take a picture by it because it was his birthday too! I finished my day by celebrating at Cancun Mexican restaurant with a lot of friends. I felt so loved and appreciated that day. 
Tom got me loose leaf tea and a loose leaf tea pot. He knows me too well. He told me he went in and bought the brightest thing he could find which is definitely an easy way to shop for me because I love colors and patterns. He also knew I collect tea pots. :) I also woke up that morning and saw I had an e-mail for UO. I'm signed up for their mailing list and so I was about to delete this e-mail when I saw something about a gift card. I clicked on the e-mail and saw my mom had sent me a gift card! She also knows me too well!

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