Monday, February 20, 2012

The 100th Post

I wish I could make this post more exciting, but I can't. Sunday was a pretty good day for me. It was my first day off in several days after working for almost two weeks straight. I did wake up sick, but I drank a lot of tea to help me recover. I love tea.

My friend and I went to Marshall's and Walmart because he broke a plate trying to warm up his omelette. I said I would go with him because I wanted some tea from Marshall's. It turns out the Marshall's in Surrey Square doesn't have anything, so that is why we ended up at Walmart. 

I then came home and made banana bread and tried looking up something to make for dinner. It took me forever to find a recipe. I didn't even get to read last night, but that's okay because that is what today was for!

I ended up going back to Walmart (a different one this time) to get dinner supplies. I went back to my friends house and I made him dinner and we watched Inception. I was surprised how much I didn't remember from Inception. 

Pictures from my Sunday:
If you didn't know my hair is naturally curly, but I almost always straighten it. I left it curly yesterday because I didn't feel like straightening it.
3 things you need to do to get my curls: 1. Have curly hair; 2. Put in mousse and don't brush your hair when you get out of the shower; 3. Finish it off by using a diffuser on a hair dryer if it's too cold to leave it wet.
For dinner I made salt and pepper chicken (found here) and Lemon Thyme Rice (found here). The vegetables were just the pre-made frozen steamer vegetables. They were good though! I loved loved loved the rice and the chicken would have been better had I not used so much salt. I used the recipe for only 2 chicken breasts. Believe me, you don't need that much rub on the chicken!

All in all it was a good relaxing Sunday. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well!

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