Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days

Being from Cleveland you live you snow days, although they were rarely given because people know how to drive in the snow there. But still, I would wake up and watch the news waiting for my school to come on and then loving that moment when your heart stops because you, in fact, were given a snow day.

I still do that now, even as a 21 year old in college. Who doesn't love a good snow day? But now that I'm student teaching I don't want snow days. I was so upset to find that CPS cancelled school today. First, it's sunny. Second, they should have had the streets cleared last night like normal cities. Here I am, at home, thinking about how many hours I am missing right now.

Of course, if I ever become a real teacher I am going to look forward to snow days, but right now I love going into the school. It's so much better than school!

Words of advice Mother Nature: Please leave all snow days for Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you!

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