Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Are You Going to be a Teacher?"

So, sometimes (well, a lot of times) I get really frustrated with becoming a teacher. I don't think I'm good enough at all, but then I feel like God puts people in my life to make me feel like I'm making the right decision. I take the public transportation to the school where I'm doing my student teaching at. Today when I was getting off the bus the bus driver, out of no where, asked if I was going to be a teacher. When I said "yes" he replied, "You look like you'll be a good educator." That small comment made my day! I don't know how he assumed I wanted to be a teacher, but it's cool that I come off that way! :)

At the school today so many funny things happened! Here are four conversations. I hope you find them as funny as I did!

[Talking about trade and low wages in other countries]
Teacher: You guys think you have it rough, but you're really luck to be born in the United States.
Student: Yeah, we could be like a bird or something.

Student 1: My grandma said we owe like $2.7 billion to some other country or something. We don't have that much money.
Student 2: Oprah do.

Teacher: My brother works in Cleveland. Do you all know where Cleveland is? Cleveland used to have a lot of factories. Now, they don't have very many.
Student: Is it because LeBron left?

[Talking about why countries trade]
Teacher: Where do we get bananas?
Student: Kroger.


  1. the first conversation literally made me laugh out loud. hilarious.

  2. A voice of a bus driver was a voise of destiny :)


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