Friday, March 29, 2019

McBroom Cemetery

Rockbridge, OH 43149, USA
On our way to and from Cantwell Cliffs we passed this little cemetery that caught our eyes from the side of the road. J, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, insisted on stopping. It might have been more of him wanting to test out his new truck off-road than being a good boyfriend, but I digress. I only found one blog post about the cemetery and it was fascinating. In the early 1800s Nancy Cantwell's father, Josiah, was a land speculator. Robert McBroom (the cemetery namesake) and Nancy met and got married. They were given some land as a wedding present, and the land actually included the Cantwell Cliffs! In a nut shell, the McBrooms had a lot of land around the area and had several cemeteries, one of which I assume is the one in these photos. If you want to read a more in depth piece about the family history, go here and read Carrol's piece. I won't take the credit.
The cemetery was small but cute. We didn't spend much time there because there wasn't much to see. If you plan on visiting, there isn't a place to park, even off the road, because there's either a ditch or you're parking on the road and I don't recommend that. There's a slight grassy path, but I don't suggest taking it unless you have 4 wheel drive or it's completely dry. We got stuck, but luckily J's truck has 4 wheel drive and he got us out, but not without getting his truck all muddy.

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