Friday, January 18, 2019

Friedhof Sophien II Cemetery

Bergstraße 29, 10115 Berlin, Germany
After I checked out the DDR museum on my first day I had a ton of time to do whatever. I remember seeing a few cemeteries on Google maps. They were back in the direction I came, but were also close to my hostel. The first one I stopped at was Friedhof Sophien II. I'm also cautious going into cemeteries in other countries because I'm never exactly sure if it's okay or how people will react. Luckily, they are pretty similar to ones in America and I was pretty much the only person walking around. I'm not happy with how my photos turned out, but it's all I have to remember it.
I couldn't find much in the way of the history of this cemetery, but it's a Protestant cemetery that was built in 1827. My favorite part of the cemetery was the wall shown above and below. I loved the detail of each one and how they are all so different. It also had the abandoned look which, let's be honest, is probably why it caught my eye in the first place. One notable thing about this cemetery which I didn't learn until now is that the Berlin wall actually ran through it and some part of the cemetery still contains it. I'm mad at myself for not learning about this sooner but I thought I had walked through the whole thing. I guess if you're not actually looking for the Berlin wall you probably won't notice it.
I'm not as familiar with famous historical Germans as I am with Russians, but when I looked up famous people who are buried here the only one I recognized was Bach's final grandson. That's pretty cool, right? I think overall, this was my favorite cemetery in Berlin, although the other two were worth the visit as well. One thing I enjoyed about these Berlin cemeteries was the diversity of the grave stones and markers. Some had elaborate statues while others just have the names written on rocks.
What famous Germans do you know?


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