Monday, July 9, 2018

Everybody's Treehouse

1212 Trail Ridge Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45223, USA
At the end of April I made my way down to Cincinnati to see Haley and her family and to celebrate Cora's FIFTH birthday! I can't believe she's five already! It feels like yesterday that I was visiting to celebrate Haley's baby shower. Unfortunately, I didn't take ANY photos except for one time. Haley knows I love offbeat and unique places, and she always has a list of places ready for me when I visit Cincinnati. I was only there for the weekend and our morning was taken up with Cora's birthday celebration, but she did have time to take me to Everybody's Treehouse in Mt. Airy Forest.
Everybody's Treehouse is came from an idea Michael Flannery, a local television personality, who wanted a place that was accessible to all children. Flannery worked with many different groups to make the dream a reality and it was completed in 2006. I lived in Cincinnati from 2007-2012, and it still amazes me all the places I have never heard of or visited there. The treehouse is worth a visit and if you like to walk you're in luck because it is in the home of Cincinnati's largest park. We didn't get a chance to walk around, but if it's like any of Cincinnati's other parks you'll enjoy yourself. There weren't too many people around when we walked through it, but there were a group of kids coming as we were leaving. It was nice to have the spot to ourselves even if just for a few minutes.
Have you visited this park?


  1. Great pictures! I love how you always find information about things that I never knew before.
    Also... I can't stop laughing at Cora's outfit.

    1. I just skim articles, but I should do more in depth research haha. Yeah her outfit was great especially how she wanted to wear those sandals haha


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