Monday, March 27, 2017

End of March Snow

This weekend I was supposed to go camping. Thankfully, it was cancelled because of the weather. I think I would have died sleeping outside in 30 degree weather. Since I thought I was camping I had lesson planned my next two weeks at work ahead of time which meant that I didn't have any planning to do this weekend. My week was also really busy too. Then, the trip was cancelled, so I planned even more work for the weekend thinking I had a lot of free time. What I'm trying to say is I don't really have a post today because I worked all weekend (even on Sunday).

Last week was in the upper 30s, and the sun was shining all day, which meant the snow was melting. I was overjoyed because I'm so over the snow. I also just ripped my boots and had to throw them away so I don't have anything to keep my feet dry and warm. Then, on Saturday, it started to snow again. It was a really depressing moment to walk outside and see 2 inches of snow on the ground. My feet were getting wet because my other boots aren't waterproof and I'm scared to wear my rain shoes outside since they have heels and I'm not used to walking on uneven surfaces. I'm extremely clumsy. I just want to be able to walk on ice-free streets!

I've also been a little somber lately. I really like my apartment and where I live, and I get sad thinking that I'm going to be leaving in a few months. I still don't know where I'll be in July. I applied to several jobs in the USA and one in Russia. I also have opportunities to move to Moscow. I want to stay in Russia, but I also know that I have a ton of school loans to pay back and making under $400 a month isn't going to pay them. On the other hand, I am terrible at interviews, so I don't want to move back and have to work 3 part time jobs again. I really fear that will happen. But if I move back I will have more opportunity to travel because I'll make more and save more. I'm broke right now, which is why I haven't been traveling this year.

Do you have any ideas of free things to do in the city or places to take photos? I've been feeling uninspired lately.


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    1. Yeah! I actually came with the intention of staying only two years because of loans. :(

  2. Sorry you feel forced to move due to student loans. I am in the same boat and it really is a black cloud over post graduation life. It really limits what you can do. I am interested to hear more about your options in Moscow. Would you make more there, or would it be a break even because of higher living costs there? Sorry if that is too prying of a question! I am just so interested in the details of life in Russia!

    1. Yes, I'd make MUCH more, but the cost of living is also twice as much. The only benefits would be it would still be cheaper to travel since almost every airline flies out of Moscow and usually trains and buses are cheaper as well.

      I have a friend in Moscow who has connections and is willing to help me if I need it.

  3. Fingers crossed for an out-of-the-blue gig for a Russian oligarch where your main responsibility is to hang out at their dacha and eat tasty snacks at like a billion dollars an hour (direct deposit) while they talk on the phone! :) :) :) It's Russia, you never know...

    Tell me more about your rain shoes. Do you mean to say you have a rain boot with heels?? I saw those for sale in Ukraine- rubber rainboots with a high heel- and have always kicked myself for not buying them. In the US, I can only find the kind that make you look like an overgrown 6 year old.

    One low-budget city exploration idea that I like came from Polly ( she recommended going to the highest point around, looking out into the distance, marking a landmark, and then making your way to it. That's probably easier done in warm weather, though.

    1. I know. I planned everything wrong when I came to Russia. I should have went straight to the oil cities!

      I got them at H&M actually. They aren't rain boots. Actually it's really hard to explain what they look like. They are basically high shoes with really nice traction on the bottom. I couldn't find a picture of them online. I'm wearing them in my Facebook profile picture (not the one for my blog - my personal one).

      Oh yeah! I remember reading that!


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