Monday, July 4, 2016

Camp Field Trips

During the three weeks of camp the students went on three different field trips. The first week they went to Fly Park, a place with a bunch of trampolines and foam pits. I didn't go because I had to do something else that day. The second week we took the students on a boat tour. Apparently, it's something they do every year, but since being here in August it was actually my first time on a boat on the Belaya River. There was really nothing planned while on the boat. The campers ate snacks and some people danced. We did play a couple games of Mafia and both times I was the Mafia.
For some reason I was just drained of energy on this trip. I think it might have been because of the sun and little food I had that day. I get hangry very often. Despite all that, my favorite part of the boat ride was being able to see the abandoned observatory from the water. It's in several of my pictures if you can spot it. :)

During the third week we took the campers bowling. They learned how to bowl the day before with Patrick because some of them have never played before. It was actually a lot of fun, and I was surprised how well they did. I used to bowl on a league when I was in middle school. Although I haven't played for years, I guess I'm still pretty decent. I had one of the highest scores, and they all thought I was so cool. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a girl and boys are expected to be good at sports, but it did help me build rapport with a lot of them. Now I want to join a league when I get back to the USA. Anyone want to join my team?
What are some field trip suggestions you have for children between 11-15?

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