Friday, May 6, 2016

April Weekend

The weather this April has been great, and I've been welcoming it since there has been snow on the ground since October. It's been cold this past weekend, but I love not having to bundle up in layers. I would walk outside and start sweating in 60 degree weather. I am starting to think that maybe I am built for the cold.

One thing I really love about living in a city is that you can walk everywhere. I know I probably say that all the time, but I just love being able to walk. It makes getting to know the city better, and you can find all sorts of cool, interesting spots that you would never notice in a car. Plus, I get really bad road rage when I drive, so I prefer to walk whenever possible. Unfortunately, 90% of places in the USA require a car, so, of course, it's just not feasible. Anton and I went for a walk after lunch to one of the famous parks in the city. We found a dirt path in the park and decided to take it. I was not wearing the appropriate shoes, but I thought it would be cool to see what we could find. The path led to the river, but all the spots we found were being occupied by other people, so we just headed back. It was still cool to be able to explore a new place even for 10 minutes. One weird thing, though, was that there were feathers all over. At first I thought maybe an animal had killed a duck, but then there would be similar spots of feathers along the path. It was creepy and cult like, but I'm still hoping it was an animal and not a person.
Since it is getting warmer the trees are starting to grow leaves and the grass is getting greener. It just adds to the spring mood and makes me really happy. The only thing I hate is that being so far north the sun comes up really early. This morning I actually woke up at 5:30 am with the sun shining brightly. I guess I can't complain because it beats only having five hours of light, but it really throws off my sleep schedule. I'll wake up many times during the early morning and check my phone to make sure I haven't overslept any alarms. I don't know how people handle white nights in St. Petersburg.
This weekend I also saw two more "touristy" spots I haven't visited yet. The two sculptures that look like circles with lines through them are actually how you spell Ufa in the regional Bashkir language. I was also surprised to find where they were because I've walked by the areas so many times and just never saw them. I think that's another thing I like about walking around cities. You realize how close and interconnected everything is.

What types of places do you like to visit in your city?

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