Friday, April 29, 2016

Forest Museum

I'm making it a new tradition to go to a place I've never been on my birthday and take pictures. If you remember, last year, while I was still living in the USA, I with to Lake View Cemetery, and I had a blast walking around by myself. This year Anton and I went to the Forest Museum. It actually had a really good review from an English speaker and three days earlier a student recommended it, so I was really interested in seeing it.

The museum itself is really small and the animals look old and dusty, but I thought it was pretty interesting. If you like or are interested in taxidermy or just want to brush up on your Russian animal names you should definitely check it out. The interior made me feel like I walked right into the 1970s. Also, I am a sucker for cute old men, and the curator was a cute old man so I wanted to enjoy it for him. It was only a hundred rubles to get into the museum.
Unfortunately, everything is in Russian, but, fortunately, everything looks like it should so you can tell by looking at the animal what it is. The museum was old but it was so well thought out and put together. You felt like you were walking through a forest. I don't think it would have been worth it if they just had a bunch of animals sitting on tables.
It didn't take us long to walk around the museum, but I was glad I went. It was cute and quirky, exactly what I like.


  1. I like how they're set up in in a forest scene. It reminds me a little of the natural history museum in Cincinnati

    1. I never went to the natural history museum in Cincinnati. Next time I visit we should go! :)


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