Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tyulkin House Museum

I have been doing a HORRIBLE job of posting of more than just my trips. I wish I was a travel blogger but sadly I am not. I am trying to make more of an effort to post just every day things. I think the biggest reason I stopped was because I never had my DSLR camera with me, but I'm trying to get more intentional with my iPhone. Sorry if the pictures aren't that great. I'm kind of annoyed with my iPhone lately. I'm never satisfied with the pictures anymore. Maybe I dropped my phone one too many times. ;)

On Thursday (February 4) our director invited us (the native English teachers) to a gathering at the Tyulkin House Museum, which also included some Fulbright members. They invited some musicians to come and sing for us and the director of the museum gave us a brief history of the museum. The overview was given in Russian so thank goodness people could translate for me. I'm still struggling to learn the language. Afterwards, everyone (except me because I can't sing) sang Jingle Bells and Russian songs while we drank tea and ate a ton of cookies.
I took a few photos of the interior of the house. It is very small, but it includes art from Aleksander Tyulkin. His artwork is definitely worth looking at and if you can find someone to translate for you then you should definitely listen to some of the history of the art pieces. I couldn't help but take a picture of the outside of the home. I mean look at that color! I was in love. It is kind of hard to find the house because it looks like it is in the middle of no where and there really is no sign to indicate you are at a museum. Luckily, one of the secretaries from the school I work at was walking behind me so I was able to find the place!


  1. Such a cute house. I love your posts. I have a problem lately taking photos. I normally use a mix but I've been disappointed in my phone photos lately.

  2. How cute is that museum!!! Perfect color in the snow.
    I'm totally in a photo rut lately too... while I'm never really concerned about photo quality, but I'm just feeling uninspired by all the cold weather.

    1. Same. Russia is SO green in the summer and I feel like I'm wasting all my "good" pictures on crummy weather.


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