Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cedar Point

Friday, August 7, 2015

I am going back in time because I didn't blog about a couple things before I left. Back in August my friend, Kelly, her boyfriend, Desi, our friend, Luke, and I all went to Cedar Point because I really wanted to go before I left! We all worked together at Boston Market, so it was good going with a group who all knew each other. Plus, you have to have an even number of people when you go to any amusement park!

Kelly got a really good deal on park tickets that included free drinks! The free drinks were actually a life saver because you get really thirsty walking around! Plus, food and drinks were really expensive. I bought a slice of pizza for $6. That was the only thing we ate because we didn't want to spend any more money one food. Plus, the drinks held you over for a little while.

Cedar Point employs a lot of people from different countries and they all have their countries on their name tags. Every time we would see someone from Russia Luke would tell them I was moving there and then he would ask if I was going to get killed. They looked at him like he was crazy, which he is. He is convinced I'm not going to get out of Russia alive. I like to think I'm more likely to get killed in the US with all those crazy people running around.
Cedar Point was a lot of fun! We got to ride most of the roller coasters! Two different roller coasters broke down while we were in line. When Top Thrill Dragster broke down we just decided to wait because we were tired and there really wasn't anything else to do. A lot of people got out of line which was good for us because we got closer to the front when it started working again. I feel like Top Thrill Dragster breaks down a couple times a day so you just have to be patient. After riding the ride we got off and this couple who was sitting in the front seat had bugs covering their entire faces! There faces were black with bugs! It was disgusting!

Before we rode Millennium Force for the last time I wanted to ride the train to see Boneville because that is one thing I remember from when I was younger and going to Cedar Point. Unfortunately, it was dark so none of my pictures came out. While we were riding there was the biggest spider in my life by where I was sitting making a web. I was so grossed out! I was basically on top of Kelly trying to keep away from it. I ran off the train as soon as it stopped. The end couldn't come soon enough!

We left the park around 11 pm. Since food was expensive we smashed at McDonalds. I ate so much food! I can't wait to go back when I return to the US and ride the new roller coaster they just unveiled!

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