Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cleveland Indians Game

On Saturday, May 2, my friend and I spent the afternoon at Progressive Field (Jacob's Field). I hadn't been to an Indians game in several years, so I was way overdue to go. My friend had never been to a game! It was a beautiful day, and we had great seats, although my pale skin would have liked to be in the sunshine because it was pretty cold in the shade.

The Indians played the Toronto Blue Jays. I never went to a baseball game that played a Canadian team, so it was fun to hear the Canadian National Anthem being played. There were also a TON of Blue Jay fans! I wouldn't be surprised if there were more Toronto Fans than Indians fans.
As you can tell from my photos Slider was the most exciting thing going on at that game. The Indians got their butts kicked. We lost 4-11! Oh well, at least we still have the Cavs!

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